3 In 1 Cafe

An Extraordinary Experience

Open 7 days a week, 3in1 Cafe is your destination for a one of a kind experience. Enjoy good food, great atmosphere and a fun, unique family friendly environment.

Something new


3 IN 1 Cafe was created first to be an event Center. We soon realized that this could not and will not work in this area . Soon there after A meeting with Ocoee City Hall officials, my dad and I decided to apply for a restaurant license instead of an event center. It didn’t take us long to realize that a restaurant selling pre-cooked package good could not pay the bills. That’s when my dad and I decided to apply for a full restaurant license with a full-service liquor bar. We then hired a soul food chef and worked with him to create a soul food menu together. We did a lot of experiments with different combinations of seasoning and recipes until we found one that majority of our customers enjoyed the most.

5 Stars
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